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They also are willing messengers, eager to deliver news and greetings to appreciative adults. Knights are adventurers, eager to go out into the world. Queens are mature women, gracious and wise in the ways of the world. Queens nurture and direct unbridled energy into useful channels. Kings are seasoned, experienced men.

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Kings are authoritative rulers and strong protectors. Wands Page of Wands: imminent spiritual growth, typically through flashes of inspiration and an abundance of creative energy. Knight of Wands: the beginning of spiritual adventures, or the availability of spiritual aid. Queen of Wands: the power to foster and guide your creative energy.


King of Wands: the power to govern and safeguard your creative energy. Cups Page of Cups: imminent emotional growth, typically through flashes of intuition and increased sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others. Knight of Cups: the beginnings of emotional adventures or emotional healing.

Queen of Cups: the power to foster and guide your emotional energy. King of Cups: the power to govern and safeguard your emotional energy. Swords Page of Swords: imminent intellectual growth, typically through flashes of understanding and an increased ability to think creatively. Knight of Swords: the beginning of intellectual adventures or a sudden understanding of heady new concepts. Queen of Swords: the power to foster and guide your intellectual energy. King of Swords: the power to govern and safeguard your intellectual energy.

Knight of Pentacles: the successful resolution of physical adventures or the availability of financial and material support. Queen of Pentacles: the power to foster and guide your physical energy and career. King of Pentacles: the power to govern and safeguard your physical energy and career. The Emperor The Fool.

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Step aside from habit and obligation, heed the quiet, still, inner voice for helpful and reasonable clues. The sleeping giant of the divine feminine is now awake. On the Tree of Life, Chesed is created first. This wheel brings this into a personal context, by including Experience. Besides, there are articles of intermediate readability, which make up more than one third of all content on the channel. Kabbalah passed into European culture during the Renaissance, becoming one of the most important Western mystical philosophies from that time onwards.

Uranus Taurus. The Hierophant The Magician. Mercury Gemini. The Lovers The High Priestess.

The Moon Cancer. The Chariot The Empress. Venus Leo. Strength The Emperor. Aries Virgo.

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The Hermit The Hierophant. Taurus Libra. Justice The Lovers. Gemini Scorpio. Death The Chariot. Cancer Sagittarius. Temperance Strength. Leo Capricorn. The Devil The Hermit. Virgo Aquarius. The Star The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter Pisces.

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The Moon Justice. Libra Sun. The Sun The Hanged Man. Neptune Moon. The High Priestess Death.

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Scorpio Mercury. The Magician Temperance. Sagittarius Venus. The Empress The Devil. Capricorn Mars. The Tower The Tower. Mars Jupiter. The Wheel of Fortune The Star.

https://itlauto.com/wp-includes/app/2086-trouver-un-telephone.php Aquarius Saturn. The World The Moon. There are ! The final!

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Please take note, we are not there yet; we are nearing the start of Great Tribulation ie Rev 8. Shepherds paint the legs of their Scapegoats Red so they can see them; Sheep however cannot see Red because they are color blind; they like most of us do not realize the Shears are dead ahead; Christians are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Jesuits came up with our modern version of Evolution, but the Society of Jesus opposes Jesus in every sense; becoming Scapegoats.

On the map, notice where the Thumbtacks are placed; are they historical or prophetical? Edom means Red. Deep Water Horizon was an intentional act designed to destroy the environment at the one place on earth capable of doing so. New Orleans. This location seems to tie in the Superbowl The question is what? Babylon means Gate of Marduk; Marduk was represented as a Goat. Zeus means Day; he was suckled by Amalthea the She-goat. Goats were sacred to Artemis and Diana. The chariot of Bacchus was pulled by Goats. The image is split and wrapped around the tail, so only the left side is visible here.

Was John the Baptist really born on June 24? Of course not; he was conceived in June Tammuz and born on Passover, 6 months before Jesus, conceived Hannukah and born at Feast of Tabernacles. Time to get right with Jesus folks! Which side are you on? You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Nothing is copyrighted, so spread the information that helped you the most. The point is simply Truth; an education of a war for your soul going on in plain sight. No earthly Priests or man-made Churches; only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all that is required to set you free from a bondage you may not even be aware of. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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