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Venus is the planet of love , so if you've been frustrated with dating lately, use this transit for self-reflection and brutal honesty. Unless you're aware of what you want to get out of relationships, you may let opportunities slip by. Try meditating or other grounding exercises, as Pisces may tend to swim around aimlessly. Mercury retrograde begins on Sunday, July 7.

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Expect texts from exes. Stay focused on the present and avoid reconnecting with people simply because it's convenient. It's fine to respond in a friendly manner, but view advances from former partners as tests from the universe during this time. Even atheist Pisces have a spiritual side.

Remember that this month you need to learn from your past to ensure a happier future. On Monday, July 8, Chiron, a comet known as the "wounded healer," goes retrograde for six months.

Pisces Horoscope tomorrow October 10 12222

This is a chance to look your trauma in the eyes, deal with it, and then drop it. Are you up for the task? Due to your mutable nature, it can be hard for Pisces to make decisions.


Harness Capricorn's decisive energy while tapping into your signature psychic instincts to do what's right. You have probably acted out of good intentions, but you failed to take into account all the implications of your actions for others involved. The result is that your pure motives will be viewed rather differently by your partner. You are going to need a lot of patience to sort out this situation. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. Today you find yourself with a superhero power.

Monthly Horoscope

Your pending assignments and projects will show signs of completion. You may have a get together with your close ones.

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Motivate your team and keep them encouraged. A team mate may try to shun responsibilities.

There might be the number of travels increasing during mid-year, due to the transits of the planets in The chances of investing money into your business, which you have been planning since a long time, would show results from 8 February to 22 March During this time, as per the Horoscope predictions for a Pisces native, as in , Mars would be transiting into the career house in the Sagittarius sign.

There is no harm in the plan, however, just plan beforehand and invest accordingly during this time. During this time, Mars would be in its retrograde phase, and so you might not be able to fulfill your promises made to others and yourself.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

A new study course would be ideal, as this would bring you both mental challenges and potential new earning power. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Full Moon on October 13th brings deep emotions to the fore, but this is your chance to confront what is holding you back. Towards the end of September, you'll value a little more privacy, but the social whirl does not let up. And your 7th house of love will never be stronger than now — not this year anyway. However, Mercury squares up to Pluto on the 26th and helps you to wrestle back control - for good.

Therefore, it is better your refrain from promising such things during this time. It is advised that you avoid any kind of disputes and conflicts with your friends as it would not beneficial to your mental peace and harmony. You would be inclined towards spiritual beliefs, and thus plan religious travels from 23 September , as Ketu would be transiting in the Scorpio zodiac sign in the ninth house, as per the predictions of the Pisces Horoscope.

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Get your fortune predictions for You can be found stargazing even during the peak work hours Read More. You have spark in your eyes that can easily convert a casual fling into a luring lover. Pisces Marriage Horoscope : is going to be a pocketful of sunshine for people with moon in Pisces sign in their birth chart.

In , you would get a chance to step out of your dream palace and breathe in a real one. Your health needs attention as some major long-term planets will be staying in stressful positions in this year.